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In La Cofradia

The hotel of the barrels through its Cofradía Turístico 360 concept, has a diverse range of activities that enrich your trip, exclusive experiences of cofradía such as learning the tequila process by preparing it yourself: spoiling your agave, fermenting, distilling, preparing your tequila and even paint your own bottle, all in the actual production location.
If you prefer closeness to nature, our outdoor experiences are ideal:
horseback riding through the agave landscape, bicycle, hiking, abseiling, in beautiful natural tequila surroundings.


Matices - Hotel de Barricas

Calle La Cofradia #1297, Col. La Cofradia, Tequila, Jalisco

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T374 742 6800 al 09
243 Lobby Hotel Matices
242 Concierge
111 Restaurant-Bar La Taberna del Cofrade / Catrina
118 Boutique La Cava
125 Cantina El Legado de Don Carlos/ Boutique Centro Histórico
110 Recepción Cofradia Turístico 360 (experiencias)

T374 742 6801