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Learn about everything we do at La Cofradía. From our hotel to the tequila that we export worldwide. Know every detail of the world of La Cofradía.



Wide variety of house tequila brands and other private brands that we manufacture.

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To guarantee the quality and authenticity of our products, we are permanently verified and certified by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila A.C.
In order to produce our products, we have the permits and authorizations for tequila and 100% agave tequila, as well as the packaging, marketing and export plant.
We are also certified by the FDA in the U.S.A. For the export of our products all over the world.

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The Brands that produce Cofradía have been winners and recognized both nationally and internationally. Read more

Matices - Hotel de Barricas

Calle La Cofradia #1297, Col. La Cofradia, Tequila, Jalisco

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T374 742 6800 al 09
243 Lobby Hotel Matices
242 Concierge
111 Restaurant-Bar La Taberna del Cofrade / Catrina
118 Boutique La Cava
125 Cantina El Legado de Don Carlos/ Boutique Centro Histórico
110 Recepción Cofradia Turístico 360 (experiencias)

T374 742 6801